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Breathing life into art

Passion, creativity and versatility is instilled into my art via the tools of my trade. Life and the very souls of my subjects captured on canvas or paper as a tribute to their lives and their heroic achievements.

 – Phillip Dutton White

“Car Portraiture”

Phillip can capture your pride and joy, why not commission a painting?

Bentley Prints – Limited Edition

These prints illustrate nine of the first models produced by Bentley Motor Cars from the birth of the company in 1919 till 1930.

Each print has been taken from Phillip’s original watercolour paintings produced for Bentley Motor cars on their 100 centenary year.

A4 landscape size produced on hand made watercolour paper in a presentation box with specification sheet.

Silk Art

The new luxury brand “Voyage” from Dutton-White

Paintings & designs by Phillip Dutton-White on his new canvas, one of “pure silk”.

I am an artist and designer with over 50 years experience within my chosen profession. My work has taken me over 6 million miles, to all five continents and to virtually every major city in the world.

17th October 1949 – 5th July 2022

Sadly Phillip passed away at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham on Tuesday 5th July 2022.